I got a good read from Tom Ferry, a coach I used for a year.
I will send out some short emails on motivation and why agents fail that are taken from him over the next few weeks for you to think on!
1. Interested vs. Committed (From Tom Ferry)
Just being interested in your career isn’t enough. When you’re interested, you do things when they’re convenient.

Success in real estate is all about being fully committed, which means doing whatever it takes as long as it takes to achieve your goals.

If you’re not fully committed, it’s time to reassess your career choice.
My Thoughts:
This does NOT mean full-time. I have been very successful as a part-time agent.
This does mean, that each day, work is done on your real estate goals. (It is 11:51PM...not in bed...no bath yet...knocking out my real estate after my bible study and family time once others are in bed)
This does mean, that perhaps you re-evaluate priorities and your hour of power is completed prior to that favorite episode you want to veg or binge-watch.
This does mean, you read some market reports and dig around on the MLS to see what is selling.
This does mean, that you GET INVOLVED!
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