Regardless of using me or not to help you buy a new build, here is one tip that will really help.  First, a little ground work; I tend to believe that not many builders out there are NOT "out to get folks".  They understand that quality is key to bringing folks back and getting referrals.  However, they are businessmen as well and they want to turn a profit.  That being the case, sometimes they end up choosing poor sub-contractors.  These builders do not actually get out there and lay bricks, they use subs for all that.  If the builder has been around for a while, that says something by itself.  Also, every builder builds a bad egg and that shouldn't necessarily reflect on the overall quality of the builder.  Maybe they saw the issue and got a new sub-contractor.

The idea is pretty simple, if you hire an expert in his or her field of expertise, you will pay a little more, but the work is done quickly and correctly.  Thus saving you money in the long run.  Just like any other businessmen, these builders get bids for subdivisions.  Perhaps they are building two subdivisions and they are across town from each other.  It would make sense to get two different plumbers, one from each local area, unless the plumbing business was large and could handle the volume of work.  You get the idea, right?

So, this brings us to the point of this tip...If you are interested in a particular subdivision, don't get sucked in to a high pressure sale.

Find out who the sub-contractors are, go home, and research them.

This won't take long, there are plenty of good resources to use.

  1. Google the sub-contractor and read the review on google
  2. BBB
  3. If the subdivision has been there for a while go knock on some doors

Now you can sleep on your decision and go back the next day to make your purchase more informed.  If you find out some bad info on a sub, maybe you can get the contract written up to use a different sub-contractor.  Hey, it is a buyers market!!  Also, just because a builder gets a bad rep from a few certain folks or from a certain subdivsion, don't let that completely dissuade you from them, perhaps it was a sub-contractor and they now have that problem worked out.

Just a tip to help you make sure you get a house that will be an enjoyment, not a hassle!