Roby Dorsett (Owner)

(256) 542-1771

Carnival Real Estate, Corp.

1108 Andrew Jackson Way NE, Huntsville, AL 35801


Roby is a Huntsville native and does the "typical" Huntsville thing...Engineering!  

He graduated from UAH in 1999 and has worked for a number of local companies, Lockheed Martin, TBE, Aerotech, Miltec, and Dynetics.  He is married to a wonderful woman from Mobile, Al, Brandie Dorsett, and together they have 4 kids; Quinn, Dakota, Rocky, and Patty.  Brandie manages the Massage Therapy group at Madison Drugs in Providence.

Roby got into real estate in a pretty typical way, he and his wife bought their first house using Frank Cunningham from Rise Real Estate.  They had such a great experience that they decided to get into real estate part time themselves.  In 2007 Roby got his license to sell!  One thing lead to another and in July of 2014 they purchased the Real Estate Corporation he had been at for the last 5 years.

Why the Dorsett Group?

What areas do I sell in?

Being a Huntsville Native really helps on this one. I am familiar with most areas of Huntsville and have sold homes all over Madison County. We'd love to talk with you about any needs you may have. Call us if you want to get your homes value, looking in the area, or you just have a question.

Don't worry, you don't have to sign anything until you are ready!